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We are the best way to make your idea come to life!

SINCE 2005

We are the best way to make your idea come to life!

Ryhana Productions/ Kashmir Line Production is a production company based in Kashmir. Our idea is to assist production companies and agencies from all over the world to come and shoot hassle-free, take advantage of the unique locations and film productions in Kashmir. 

We offer professional production service for film as well as TV projects, and advertising commercials.

Our company has over 25 years of experience in filming industry. Due to the fact, that our founder is himself a filmmaker having studied in one of the India’s Prestigious Film Institutes (SRFTI), we are able to provide much better and productive services. We always find the perfect solution for your specific needs and never compromise.

Our partners are the best suppliers, top professionals and skilled crews.

Featured Films

Often referred to as Paradise on Earth or the “Switzerland” of India, Kashmir is one of the most fantastic places in the world with a unique vibe. It looks more romantic than Europe and is much cheaper to shoot here. It offers huge variety of locations varying from snow clad mountains to vast green meadows and gushing streams.


We will provide you complete and high professional service for shooting. Whether you need presentation of locations, descriptions, rates for any services.